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cropped-doug-bw-fullDoug Long spent nearly 15 years as a broadcast news journalist where he sat behind the anchor desk, reported from the field and directed news operations for 3 of those years.  His education focused on communications for which he earned a BA degree with an emphasis in broadcast journalism and a minor in Chinese. Doug left the broadcast news industry in 2005 with mixed emotions.  He wanted to make a difference and inform people of the important issues around them at the local, national, and world levels. As the news industry shifted and changed it became, in Doug’s mind, a very different medium than when he began his career.  Opinion was being reported as news, sales departments were having editorial say in the newsroom, and a dominating bias was evident in how news stories were being chosen and reported. Those problems and the desire to move his family back to his home state of Utah culminated in the decision to leave the broadcast news industry.

That’s when he took his communication skills to the internet becoming a public speaker and trainer and teaching people how to take their brick and mortar businesses to the internet.  He traveled around the world teaching and training thousands of people how to take their business online and take their local businesses to the global market.

Doug has helped conceptualize and create new products to enhance the marketing efforts of those engaged in the direct sales and network marketing profession for more than 15 years now. He helped build two start ups in the technology sector supplying online business tools to millions of self-employed business owners.

Doug has written training books and manuals for the direct sales industry and has tapped into his Broadcast Media experience narrating video training courses for many well known companies as well as appearing on stage for corporate conventions and events.

The Long Version is simply a place to muse about the talk of the times and drop my unique perspective into an ocean of view points.

Thanks for visiting. If you like what you see, please share it with others and let’s broaden these conversations.


Written by DCL

January 12, 2011 at 5:08 am

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  1. Keep chugging along, Mr. Long. I tripped upon your blog today and enjoyed your perspective and commentary on some events of the day. Though not Mormon myself, I have spent some time in Utah. It is a fabulous place. You’ve been well represented by Sen Lee. I share your opinion on Mr. Hatch. Utah can do better.


    Scott Kormanyos

    January 17, 2015 at 11:04 am

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