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Target’s Potty Policy is Parlous

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My wife has always been a big fan of Target stores. She will drive the extra distance to shop there over other stores that are closer to our home.  Whenever we travel, finding the nearest Target is a must.

She’s not political. She votes, but that’s about it.

Me? Well, a quick scan of this blog will quickly answer that question.

Target potty policyWith the recent decision by Target to make a political statement dressed in a social issue and to adopt what I consider a wrong-headed and potentially dangerous policy regarding the use of its public restrooms, we will no longer be shopping there. This is very disappointing to my wife, but I’ve asked her to stand with me on this decision in the name of common sense and safety.  She agrees.

We don’t take this stand because we think poorly of “those people” or wish anyone in the transgender community discomfort or harm in any way.

In fact, this stand, in my mind, isn’t about an inclusive policy for transgendered people at all. It’s about a shabbily and hastily conceived decision that openly invites perverts, pedophiles, and sexual predators to use and take advantage of it for their own deviant purposes.  I challenge any thoughtful, rational, logical human being to convince me Target has not just put out the welcome mat to degenerates nationwide.

A person who has gone through the very difficult mental, emotional, and physical process of changing his or her gender is a completely different situation and frankly, I have no problem with that person using the bathroom designated for the gender they have psychologically and physically adapted to.

Could some guy dress up like a woman and walk into a restroom for purposes other than using the loo?  Sure, but that’s not what we’re talking about here and that guy would/should be arrested as soon as he’s discovered.  At least I like to believe he would have been cuffed and perp walked in the not so distant past.

What we’re talking about here, and what I have a huge problem with, is a man who is clearly a man but on any given day may decide he’s feeling more womanly than manly.  Now, with Target’s permission, can walk into the ladies’ room with my wife.  Target’s policy, as I understand it, would allow the very scenario I just described.

In fact, just this past Friday, April 29, 2016, a gentleman named Andy Park uploaded a video to his YouTube account of himself asking a Target store manager in St. Petersburg, FL if he could use the women’s bathroom.  Park was not dressed as a woman and made no attempt to identify as one. He simply asked if he could use the women’s bathroom. The manager confirmed to Park that he could indeed use the women’s bathroom if he wanted to, and told him if any of the women had a problem with that he would “speak to them” about it. (SOURCE:

Target then responded to the story:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 12.07.46 AM

This is not going to end well for Target.

I wish businesses like Target would just do business and leave the politics at home.  This whole fiasco reeks of a show of executive coolness by Target bigwigs. It screams “Look at how hip we are!” to corporate peers, while quietly admitting, “We don’t care what the majority of people think, we’re smarter than they are” to customers.

The vast majority of Americans just want a place to shop where they can buy the things they need and feel safe doing so.  Whether that’s in the aisles, at the checkout stand, or in the restroom.

Target has decided the feelings of 0.3% of the population carry more weight than the other 99.7%

So be it. I will take my business elsewhere.