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Detroit For Dummys

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Detroit, Michigan.

My family nearly moved there in the late 60’s.  My father was offered a very good job, salary, and benefits with one caveat; that he pick up and move his family to the Motor City.  I don’t know all the reasons behind my dad’s decision to turn that high paying job down, but he did and we stayed in Happy Valley (that would be Utah County).

Detroit became the largest municipality to declare bankruptcy in the United States this past week.

How did a city that once held the highest per capita income rate in the nation, become a ghost of its once great self?

I’ll let Steven Crowder explain.


Why is this country so blind to the blatant results of decades of governance by the left?  Detroit is just one unavoidable example of the failures of leftist ideology when it comes to governing.  Do we have to wait for California to follow suit?


Written by DCL

July 22, 2013 at 4:50 pm