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Your Tax Dollars at Work

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I’d venture to guess that every U.S. taxpayer knows his or her tax dollars are often spent in ways that he or she would not agree with, would consider wasteful, or would say is just plain foolish.  But in a time when government spending is truly out of control, talk of tax increases is becoming more than just talk, and millions of Americans are either out of work or working for much less income than they were just a few years ago, you’d think someone with a brain would be looking at the more frivolous and unnecessary tax expenditures and cutting them off.

But then, that would be assuming anyone in control of the government purse strings actually had a brain.

Here’s a little something to chew on.  Be careful not to bite your tongue off as your chewing grows more vigorous…

WSB TV in Atlanta has discovered that the State Department is spending millions of dollars to save mosques overseas.  This coming on the heels of an announcement by a government commission suggesting the US eliminate the interest education for home mortgages as a way to reduce spending…  Oh how times have changed.

A $770 million project to rebuild Cairo’s sewer system, paid for by the U.S. State Department’s USAID program is where the money for the mosques is coming from.  How exactly does the government explain to the American taxpayer right now, whose having an extraordinary time paying bills and making ends meet that this is why we took these taxes out of your paycheck, so we can fund this?  Oh that’s right, it’s the government.  They don’t have to explain their actions to us.  Besides, we’re too stupid to understand what it all means anyway, just ask our President and select members of Congress.

Egyptian-American human rights activist Nonie Darwish told Channel 2 Action News anchor Justin Farmer that trying to buy respect in the Middle East only shows our weakness.
“This part of the world has a lot of respect for power and America is not showing its power, it’s showing its appeasement. They are laughing all the way to the bank,” said Darwish.

Darwish was born in Egypt and is now a former Muslim. Darwish told Farmer that she moved to America and has written several books critical of radical Islam. Darwish said that most of the mosques in Egypt are run by extremists who have ordered former Muslims like herself to be killed.  “We are rebuilding mosques to support the radicals, not to support the moderates. We are building mosques to issue fatwas of death against people like me,” said Darwish.

Other items being paid for by our tax dollars include computers in mosques and internet service.

Hope your tongue is OK…

The Letter

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I enjoy a little parody every now and then.







Dear President Obama:

In light of recent announcements on your part concerning Israel, I am writing you today with a similar request.

I ask that you return America to its August 20th, 1959 borders so that Hawaii is no longer a state and you are no longer a citizen.

Thank you,

Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu

Written by DCL

June 3, 2011 at 3:45 pm

Presidential Smackdowns: Get in Line

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President Obama has gone from Arab Spring to Jewish Sting and a spanking by the Queen.

The President’s recent demands that Israel get in step and agree to peace with Palestine and go back to pre-1967 boundaries were met by a swift, concise, and direct response from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressing in no uncertain terms Israel’s dismissal of such talk as ignorant and impossible considering such boundaries would leave Israel all but indefensible from attacks.  The response prompted news anchors to report the Israeli leader treated the president like a “schoolboy.”

Class was again in session Monday as Netanyahu addressed Congress where he again, and more fully, exposed Obama’s lack of education on this subject.  What we saw in Benjamin Netanyahu was the skill of a great statesman, poise under pressure, courage of conviction, and true leadership.  The qualities so obviously lacking in our current commander in chief.

Among the many strong statements made in his address were the following:  “Israel is not what’s wrong in the Middle East. Israel is what’s right in the Middle East.”

“The conflict has never been about the establishment of a Palestinian state. The conflict has been about the existence of a Jewish state.”

“We will not negotiate with a Palestinian government backed by the Palestinian version of Al Qaeda.”

“The Palestinian refugee problem will be solved outside the borders of Israel.”

Throw in his urgent reminder that Iran must be stopped in its march toward nukes, and you have a clearly defined and principled outline for policy.  If only the President’s “policy” had such clarity.

But the smackdowns didn’t end there.  After his meeting with the Prime Minister, President Obama jetted off across the Atlantic for a date with the Queen where he once again set himself up to be “schooled”.  In an awkward moment seen in this video, the President proposes a toast to Queen Elizabeth II but as he does the orchestra begins to play the British anthem “God Save the Queen”.  As with any national anthem the people stand in quiet reverence as the anthem is played, but Barak Obama just keeps on talking as he shares his toast with the audience.  The Queen gives him a quick glance, as if to say, “time to stop talking”, but Obama continues on until he turns to the Queen and says “to the Queen” at which point she turns to Obama and says something causing the President to look a bit sheepish as if he’d just been scolded.  He puts his glass down and awkwardly stands there.


I’ve listened to the audio where the Queen speaks to Obama and I swear she says “Put it down”.  Referring to the glass (and not so subtly his ignorance and disrespect for the anthem).   Whatever she says it seems to hit Obama like a slap in the face.

What amazes me is the fact that this man didn’t even flinch as the anthem began playing.  Its as if he has no clue what to do when a national anthem is played…..then again maybe that’s the case.  As you may recall the flack early in the President’s term when he refused to put his hand over his heart when his own national anthem was played.

Hey at least he’s consistent in his disrespect.

Who will be next to Smackdown the President?  I’m waiting on the Vegas odds.

Written by DCL

May 25, 2011 at 2:57 pm