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The Tea Party is to Blame!

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That’s the new mantra of the left.  Blame a fledgling political entity that is barely 3 years old for all the ills of this country.

Political activist and conservative Kevin Jackson hits the nail on the head, strikes the bullseye, rings the bell, and any other cliched analogy you can think of!

Of course the Andre Carsons, Maxine Waters, and Jesse Jacksons of the world will simply call Kevin Jackson an Uncle Tom which immediately devalues and discredits any black human being that disagrees with their views.  The problem for these elites is the black community isn’t as dumb and stupid as they think they are.  They are beginning to see through the facade these black leaders have built over the past 50 years.  They are beginning to ask questions and the answers they get from the liberal left are not resonating any longer.

Welcome to the truth and thank you to people like Kevin Jackson who are not afraid to speak it!

Written by DCL

September 2, 2011 at 9:04 am