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When Will the Sh*t Hit the Fan?

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There is a division in America and it appears to be broken down along the following  lines.  See if you can follow along.

Free Sh*tPoor* folks getting free sh*t and rich* folks paying for it.

The poor* folks who are getting free sh*t, don’t seem to care much for the rich* folks who are paying for the free sh*t these days perhaps because the rich* folks who are paying for the free sh*t are saying they can no longer afford to pay for both the free sh*t and their own sh*t.

Furthermore, The folks who are paying for all the free sh*t want the free sh*t to stop and the folks who are getting the free sh*t want even MORE free sh*t on top of the free sh*t they’re already getting!

Now, the people who are forcing the (rich) people to PAY for the free sh*t have told the (poor) people who are RECEIVING the free sh*t that the people who are PAYING for the free sh*t are being mean, prejudiced, and racist for saying they can’t continuing paying for free sh*t for everyone else.

So… the people who are GETTING the free sh*t have now been convinced they should HATE the people who are PAYING for the free sh*t, BY the very people who are forcing the (rich) people to pay for the free sh*t and GIVING the free sh*t lovin people the free sh*t in the first place!

If you can’t follow that, you’re not paying attention to sh*t.

*The use of the terms rich and poor in this monologue are extremely subjective and in today’s political environment may best be described as:
Poor – A household with 2 big screen TV’s, 1 XBox, 1 car, and no employed inhabitants.
Rich – A household with 2 big screen TV’s, 1 XBox, 1 car, and 1 employed inhabitant.

Written by DCL

February 7, 2013 at 1:34 pm

How $4.2 Billion In Refundable Tax Credits Went To Illegal Aliens

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U.S. Senator Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Ranking Member of the Senate Finance Committee, announced today that he will be examining how the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) gave $4.2 billion in refundable tax credits last year to illegal aliens – four times the amount from five years ago.

The information was released today in a report issued by the Treasury Department’s Inspector General for Tax Administration. The Finance Committee has jurisdiction over all tax policy, the IRS and the Department of Treasury.

“The disconcerting findings in this report demand immediate attention and action from Congress and the Obama Administration,” said Hatch. “With our debt standing at over $14.5 trillion and counting, it’s outrageous that the IRS is handing out refundable tax credits, which are spending through the tax code, to those who aren’t even eligible to work in this country. I will be looking at this as soon as Congress returns next week.”

The report found that:

“Although the law prohibits aliens residing without authorization in the United States from receiving most Federal public benefits, an increasing number of these individuals are filing tax returns claiming the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC), a refundable tax credit intended for working families.”

$4.2 billion in refundable credits were paid to individuals not authorized to work in the United States in Processing Year 2010.

“[T]he payment of Federal funds through this tax benefit appears to provide an additional incentive for aliens to enter, reside, and work in the United States without authorization, which contradicts Federal law and policy to remove such incentives.”

The question is who is responsible for oversight, will they be held accountable, will they lose their jobs?  Bureaucracies are ripe with waste and fraud, we all get that and to a point we realized it can’t be totally curtailed, but this administration has allowed it to get out of control.  It’s almost as if they just look the other way.

They wouldn’t do that would they?  Not on purpose….