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Barry Soetoro is Registered to Vote

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For those who say voter fraud is rare and doesn’t effect elections, I share this interesting tidbit that should at least cause those of that opinion to think about it a little more.  No, this isn’t proof of a mass conspiracy of voter fraud, but I think it shows just how easy it is to register a fraudulent vote.  Unless, of course the president is going back to his old name at his new address…

This is a screen capture from the District of Columbia Board of Elections website.

Barry Soetoro registered to vote?

According to a search at the D.C. Board of elections using the search terms Barry Soetoro, President Obama’s date of birth and the zip code of 20500, a registered voter of that name is registered to vote at the White House for D.C. elections.  Barry Soetoro is a name that President Obama has used in the past.

Did President Obama submit this registration, or is it a fraud?  Who knows?  Obtaining the actual registration forms (or on-line) submitted to the D.C. election’s board might answer the question.  In my view, it is worse if it is a fraud because it illustrates the ease at which one can trick the system.  Or perhaps, President Obama wants out of crime-infested Chicago after his term is up and registered using his old name.  I’ll go with option 1, the fraud.

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July 19, 2013 at 10:24 am

Who’s Teaching Your Kids and What?

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The Occupy Wall Street movement continues to drag on in cities throughout the country.

In Chicago protesters  stormed Rahm Emanuel’s office at City Hall demanding access to Grant Park for their tent city.  Emanuel has not come out or addressed the protesters but one protester spoke with a reporter about the movement and why he is involved.

Roger Fraser is a retired school teacher and currently earns a comfortable retirement income of $7,792.75 per month according to public school records in Illinois.  Fraser openly advocates the overthrow of the US Government and revolution to bring a “Socialistic Utopia” to the world.


This is what Democracy looks like?  Yes, it absolutely does.  Mob Rule with no checks or balances.  Once again, the wisdom and brilliance of the founding fathers and the government they created, is validated and ratified by those who wish to see its demise.  The world Roger Fraser wants has been tried and he can find the results over in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former Soviet Republics.

I say, use the freedoms this country has given you your entire life Mr. Fraser and buy a ticket to one of those places and enjoy.  I don’t want your version of “democracy”.

Who’s teaching your kids?  And what?  I’m sure there are parents who are wondering what Roger Fraser was teaching theirs.

Written by DCL

October 28, 2011 at 2:31 pm