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An Object Lesson in Integrity

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“So shines a good deed in a weary world” ~ Willie Wonka

One of my favorite quotes comes from a fictional, eccentric, chocolate maker.  It comes to mind whenever I see acts of kindness, honesty, and integrity.  So it is with this story that comes out of Utah this week.

Josh Ferrin recently closed on a new home in Bountiful, Utah, his family’s first taste of home ownership.  As Josh toured the new home prior to moving his family in he noticed a piece of cloth hanging from an attic door in the garage.  He pulled the cloth, opened the door, and grabbed a ladder to climb up into the attic.  As he entered he saw a black metal box.  He curiously opened it see what, if anything, was inside and that’s when he made a discovery that would probably send chills and thrills up the spine of any one of us.  The box was stuffed with cash, bond certificates, old stamps, and other memorabilia, and there was more.  He found seven other boxes just like it.

All totaled the contents of the box equaled about $45,000.

Ferrin says his first thoughts were what he could do with all that money and then came the next thought…it had to be returned to the rightful owner.  Thought number two won the day.

He called the seller of the home and explained what he had found.  The former homeowner passed away in November 2010 but his youngest son, Dennis Bangerter, the executor of Bangerter’s estate, was the one who sold the home to the Ferrins.  He had no idea his father had stashed all that cash in the attic.

“The house needs some work,” Josh Ferrin said. “I could use the $45,000 for remodeling, but he didn’t save that money for us. He saved it for his family.”

“Going through those boxes, I felt like I had a peek into his life,” Ferrin said about the late Arnold Bangerter who left the surprising find.  I never considered the money mine, you can’t allow yourself to think like that.  This is a beautiful outcome and it feels good to be a part of it. It’s a rare opportunity to be able to do something extraordinarily honest.”

It’s a rare opportunity for the public to share in something so extraordinarily honest as well.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Ferrin for such a fine example of what integrity means and the reward that comes from practicing it.

It’s something money can’t buy.

For the full story and video CLICK HERE

Written by DCL

May 20, 2011 at 12:22 pm