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The Tea Party: Convenient Target of Blame

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The Tea Party has become the dumping ground for any societal ill conceived by the Left.  The Left points the finger and the lapdog media spreads the word.  It doesn’t have to be vetted for accuracy or context as long as the Tea Party is the target.

Now chew on this for bit.

This is a timeline of events from 2009 to present of violent acts initially blamed on the Tea Party only to reveal the individuals perpetrating these acts of violence were coming from the very group who is consistently extending the pointed finger.

  • Sept 2009: census-taker Bill Sparkman found hanged in rural Kentucky. Media speculated it was Tea Party. (He killed himself.)
  • Feb 2010: Joe Stack flies small plane into an IRS building. Anti-tax Tea Party rhetoric blamed. (He had writings where he quoted from the Communist Manifesto.)
  • Feb 2010: Amy Bishop shoots colleagues at University of Alabama faculty meeting. Gun-loving Tea Party suspected. (She was a Democrat who voted for President Obama.)
  • March 2010: John Patrick Bedell shot two Pentagon security. A right-wing extremist, media speculate. (A registered Democrat and 9/11 Truther.)
  • May 2010: massive Times Square car bomb found. Bloomberg speculates it’s someone upset about the ACA. (Actually, plain vanilla jihadist killing for Allah.)
  • August 2010: Amid GZM debate, Muslim cabbie stabbed in NYC. Media speculates: a RWNJ? (Actually, a Left leaning art student off his meds.)
  • Sept 2010: James Lee takes hostages at Discovery Chan HQ. Media speculates: climate change denier? (A hard left environmentalist who hates humans.)
  • Jan 2011: Jared Lee Loughner shoots up campaign event of Rep. Giffords. Media: Tea Party rhetoric is to blame. (An apolitical conspiracy theorist.)
  • July 2012: James Holmes shoots up theater in Aurora, CO. Brian Ross suggests he’s a Tea Party member on live TV even pointing out a different James Holmes by name simply because he affiliated with the Tea Party. (Just another unmedicated apolitical kook.)
  • April 2013: Tsarnaev brothers bomb Boston Marathon. Media suggests RWNJ commemorating “Patriot’s Day.” (Actually, just more jihadists.)
  • Oct. 2013: Media retroactively blames right wing for JFK assassination. (Lee Harvey Oswald was a communist defector.)
  • Dec 2013: student shoots up CO high school w/ shotgun. Denver Post scrubs his self-described “socialist” beliefs.

The pattern is very clear and all too common. We’re on to you, Liberal Media.

I’d like to see a similar list, with verifiable press clippings, showing actual events like these perpetrated by Tea Party members.

I’d be surprised if such a list can be compiled.

Never Allow Liberals to Look Bad

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Media-biasWhen it comes to acts of violence, the mainstream media never hesitates to get the “full story” on what motivated the perpetrator — provided they can somehow link the criminal to a right-of-center cause. But when alleged murderer Christopher Dorner’s manifesto emerged earlier today, revealing his hard-Left political views, most members of the media did their damnedest to bury the truth. Because if there’s one rule by which the media must play, it’s this: never allow liberals to look bad.

The Major Media is pushing a narrative that Chris Dorner, the former LAPD cop who is accused of killing one police officer and wounding two others, was a Naval Reservist, but then forgets to mention he was a gun-control advocate and big Obama supporter. I find it interesting how the media pushes the political orientation of some but not others. The media claimed that Sarah Palin inspired Jared Loughner, the kook who shot Gaby Giffords, even though there was no truth to it. They got around this by invoking a foggy “toxic atmosphere”.

Now we learn that Floyd Corkins, the nut who killed a security guard during his attack on the Family Research Council, actually WAS inspired by the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “hate map” but the media has said nothing and pretend they don’t see the connection. Joseph Stack, the man who flew his Piper Dakota airplane into the Echelon Office Complex in Austin, Texas, where the IRS had offices, was first called a Tea Partier.  When they found out he was a COMMUNIST, they called him “anti-government” misleading people into thinking he was part of the “anti-government” Tea Party. The Washington Post went so far as to delete the Pro-Communist message Stack had left in his suicide note.  The Washington Post decided to ignore the facts and push a narrative.

Then we have ABC News Brian Ross who erroneously reported that James Holmes, the suspect in the Aurora movie theatre shootings, may have connections to the Tea Party. His source for this breaking news? A single web page that listed an “Aurora-based Jim Holmes” as a member of the Colorado Tea Party Patriots. Come to find out there was more than one James Holmes in Aurora and the one on the Tea Party website was a 52 year-old Hispanic conservative. Apparently political background is only important when reporting SOME shootings even when that reporting is dead wrong.

The hypocrisy is stifling.

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