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When the Press No Longer Pretends to be Honest

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I’m honestly getting tired of defending Donald Trump from the news media.

He’s not my favorite person. As a human being he’s…not very nice, to put it nicely. But he was elected under the laws of this country to be its president. I don’t support all of his policies and ideas, though I believe he’s done some good things to help spur the U.S. economy.

But doggone it, right is right and wrong is wrong! I am sick and tired of people working in the profession I loved and honored when I was part of it, abusing their privilege and tarnishing the 4th Estate with such shoddy and negligent reporting.

President Donald Trump’s remark referring to some illegal immigrants as “animals” Wednesday drew backlash. People went nuts. “See! He’s a racist!” they shrieked.

If all you heard was the president’s reply, which was a response to a direct question by a Sheriff in attendance, you may have felt the same anger and disgust. But there’s a problem here and it speaks to the dishonesty of many working in this country’s major news media.

If you didn’t hear the question asked by the reporter, you didn’t have any context by which to judge the answer, but judge is exactly what everyone did. Wrongly.

Here is the soundbite including the question which provides the context.


The question was specific. It was a direct question from a law enforcement officer about MS-13 gang members, many who have come into the country illegally. According to the Associated Press the gang has indulged in rape, beatings, beheadings, dismemberment, and extreme cruelty to human beings that get in their way or cross their paths. When you consider what these people do to other people, animals probably isn’t an adequate comparison.

But our Free Press, led by the New York Times, took the president’s answer and reported it completely devoid of the context within the question he was asked. They made it look like Trump was calling all immigrants animals… Even now 24 hours later, these press outlets have refused to inform their readers and viewers of the omission, providing no added context to their earlier, misleading, reports.

After a White House press briefing, some of the news outlets updated their stories adding the reference to MS-13 and the question that was originally asked.

Accidental? A mistake? An oversight?

You tell me.

2 Responses

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  1. So you decided to block me rather than actually converse? This is why you’re an out of work journalist. Classic conservative who would rather stick their head in the sand than hear others opinions. I’m probably the only one who read you’re poor excuse for a blog. You don’t understand economics. You say we should get back to Pure Capitalism when in fact that’s never existed. You also say social has failed when in fact socialism has never occurred in its intended form because there’s always been an overarching state that wasn’t representative of the people. I’d love to send you some books to study up on because right now I don’t think you don’t reach the very low standard of who should have a blog. Have a great day bud!


    A person with an actual brain

    September 7, 2018 at 5:12 pm

    • I have no problem having a discussion with people who actually want to converse as opposed to name-call and demean. You were blocked because your tweets showed that all you wanted to do was fight and argue. That’s not a discussion. I’m quite comfortable with my knowledge of economic systems and my positions on them. You disagree. You have every right to do so, but when you call me ignorant and act as if only your positions and opinions matter or have merit, you get disconnected. Now, you are so compelled to continue the name-calling and rudeness and make sure your point is made, rude as it may be, you come to my blog and tell me I’m not worthy to have one… By what standard exactly? Are you the arbiter of who can share their thoughts and opinions on the web? I have a good number of subscribers who would disagree with you.

      Finally, in your haste to put me in my place on the merits of Socialism and Capitalism you actually helped make my point.
      You said, “Socialism has never occurred ‘as intended’ because there’s always been an over-reaching state that wasn’t representative of the people.” You just explained perfectly why it doesn’t work, never has, and never will. Anyone who thinks “we can do it right” is fooling themselves. Which is why the capitalistic system as described in my article published on and this blog has been the most successful economic system in the past millennium at the very least! It has created more opportunity for more people to build personal wealth and prosperity than any other system during that same time period. That is intellectually inarguable! History screams that truth and even in its current adulterated state, where cronyism is rampant, it still provides more opportunity than any other and the fact that millions of people are willing to enter this nation illegally to partake of it is further evidence.

      Socialism, in theory and concept, may be the utopia you and those who support it believe it to be, but in practice and reality it has brought death and misery to millions of people.

      You have a nice day…bud.



      September 11, 2018 at 11:58 am

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