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Lady Justice Wears a Blindfold for a Reason

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I haven’t watched the George Zimmerman trial.

Geroge Zimmerman trial I, like most folks, have been following the trial via reporting from multiple media sources and from all slants. One common theme coming from reporters and pundits alike points to a very real possibility of violence should the verdict of not guilty be handed down by the jury.

After the OJ Simpson trial this kind of reaction to high profile, racially charged, court cases comes as no surprise, but that doesn’t take away from the sad reality that we live in a time where a sizable portion of the American public is not interested in the model our justice system was based upon. Too many people see vigilante justice as the way to go. The more interesting and ironic side to Zimmerman trial is that those who would have you believe they are the most compassionate, tolerant, and fair among us are the ones crying the loudest for this vigilante style partiality.

The side that will not accept any verdict but a guilty verdict. The side that has been inciting and threatening violence since the day after Treyvon Martin was killed. The side that wanted to hang George Zimmerman before any due process was provided or a day in court set. That side is the side of the liberal left.

Democrats, liberals, and progressives, in the public, media, and even governmental office, have attempted to label Zimmerman as White, conservative, and racist. I have yet to see any hard evidence of any of those claims. In fact, the evidence on Zimmerman’s race and ideology were put to bed when his voter registration stated Hispanic and Democrat. A local news report in Sanford, Florida confirmed Zimmerman as a self-described Democrat. Racist? NO pattern of such behavior has been shown that I am aware of.

The irony here is that those from the conservative or federalist viewpoint are defending one minority’s constitutional rights from another minority’s lynch mob mentality. The latter of which, the GOP freed from slavery 150 years ago. An interesting, but telling aside, is that zero democrats voted for the 14th Amendment back then. Today, there’s no major outcry of support for Zimmerman’s constitutional rights from the left. Let that fully sink in. Contrastingly, there has been no outcry, threat, or appeal for violence coming from the right if Zimmerman is in fact found guilty.

It’s as if things haven’t changed at all in 150 years within the Democrats’ ranks.

Here’s my point: true conservatives are so passionate about American liberty, they will staunchly defend the constitutional rights of those who don’t share their political ideology and they do it en masse. They believe that Due Process is greater than tyranny and lynch mobs. The behavior coming from the left is a stark example of just the opposite.

Not much has changed in the last 150 years.

Written by DCL

July 12, 2013 at 11:05 am

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