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Retired broadcast journalist. Blogging helps scratch the itch. Recovering exRepublican – Sober and still Conservative.

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The last name is Long.  This is an Op Ed blog regarding local, national, and world events.  My thoughts on life, sports, politics, faith, family; my version of reality.  Hence, The Long Version.

I like to write.  I spent nearly 15 years practicing in the broadcast news industry.  I wrote a lot.  I also had the privilege of being the messenger.  I sat behind the anchor desk and reported the daily news from 1990 to 2005.  Did I mention I wrote a lot?

After leaving the news biz I jumped into the world of internet marketing and spent nearly 2 years traveling around the world teaching people how to take their business to the “World Wide Web” and providing them with the necessary tools to do so.  I no longer travel the globe doing training, but I am still very involved with the internet, marketing, and helping companies use web tools to enhance their businesses…and I continue to write a lot.

I’m no SEO guru.  I won’t tell you I can help you get mega traffic to your website or how to make millions online.  In fact this blog isn’t even about my professional life nor am I selling my “expertise” as a consultant. But I figured since I write a lot anyway, why not a blog?

This blog is simply a place where an average Joe like me can share his thoughts and opinions on events that effect us all. Hopefully it will be of some value, entertainment or otherwise, for those who stumble upon it and care to peruse its contents.

I will say with intended modesty that I’m good at some things, great at nothing, and always trying to get better.

As for my thoughts, opinions, musings etc…you be the judge.  If nothing else it can be a record for posterity to see what the old man was thinking about before he slapped it into print.

Whether we agree or disagree isn’t what’s important, it’s that we can find our points in common, coexist in our differences, and love each other regardless.



Written by DCL

January 12, 2011 at 5:08 am

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